Snuggle & Snuffle

Snuggle & Snuffle

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  • 6-piece Accessory Set: Teddy Bear accessory set for 46 cm dolls.
  • Colorful Healing: Apply the 4 sticker bands to your doll's arms and legs to heal ouchies and owies.
  • Includes: Teddy Bear stuffed animal, thermometer, 4 sticker bands, dessert bowl with spoon, and medicine bottle.
  • Recommended Age: These doll accessories are recommended for kids 3 years+ (small parts).
  • Dolls sold separately.

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Help your doll friends get back to happy health with a fluffy recovery pal from the Our Generation Snuggle & Snuffle set! These 46cm doll accessories will have your besties feeling better in no time. Take your doll's temperature with the thermometer by placing it under her arm, then snuggle with the super soft Teddy Bear stuffed animal when it's time to rest! The medicine bottle will help give your bestie a speedy recovery, and you can use the 4 sticker bands on your doll's legs and arms for more fun healing! Is it time for a sweet dessert? Enjoy a treat with the gelatin bowl once your dolls wake up from their nap – yummy! Feeling better always starts with a friendly pal by your side! (Dolls sold separately)


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