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Our Generation welcomes all kids into a world of fun and encourages them to create the narrative of their generation. Our award-winning dolls and accessories continue to inspire children in over 45 countries around the world today, teaching them about the importance of inclusion and empowering them to tell their own stories.

We believe in sharing our enthusiasm and putting kindness into the heart of everything we do, from how our products are made to how they can inspire the next generation.

Welcoming Everyone

When children play with dolls that represent themselves or others around them, they feel the joy of belonging and learnaboutthe importance of inclusion.Our dolls celebrate all children, crafted with a range of skin tones, hairstyles, eye colors, and more lifelike features.

Trustworthy Toys

The fun is in the details! From adoll's frecklesto the tiniestrainbow sprinkle found on an ice cream sundae, our diligent designers makesure our toys are crafted with the highest quality standards, safety tested, andmade to last so kids can engage in playtime for hours on end.

The Value of Pretend Play

Our collection features a variety of timeless toys in countless themes that reflect a child's hobbies and interests. Each toy encourages kids to unlock the full potential of their imagination by discovering new adventures and stories every day.

Our Generation has come a long way in the last 30 years—from designing our very first 18-inch doll in a small studio to becoming a beloved toy brand that continues to create entire worlds of play around the globe. With each passing year, we strive to create the toys that kids want to play with, forever innovating within the wonderful world of dolls. It’s our mission to make kids happy! Be it a cozy dollhouse, a pretty pony, or a new best friend, we design with fans in mind – then, now, and always! Take a trip through time and discover some of the most impactful moments in Our Generation’s history. Don’t forget to keep an eye out – there’s more to come!

This is an extraordinary generation of children, and they have a story to tell. They’re leading the way in protecting the environment, lending a helping hand to those less fortunate, and learning about other cultures and a world outside their own. That’s why we launched Share Your Story, an initiative that gives kids the opportunity to share their acts of kindness, bring joy, and encourage others to do the same. Look for the following stories on the official Our Generation packaging!

This is Savannah’s Story  

When Savannah learned that there are less fortunate kids in the world, she wanted to do her part by lending a helping hand in her community. Every week, Savannah makes it her mission to donate to local shelters and institutions. Whether it’s donating her school supplies, books, food, toys, or clothing, Savannah’s biggest objective is to be involved and bring joy to others. She also goes the extra mile and donates part of her allowance to charities. It's amazing what a child can achieve. 

This is Braylin’s Story  

When she was 4 years old, Braylin was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. Even though she faced many obstacles and medical challenges, that didn’t stop Braylin from pursuing her passion: figure skating. Though physically demanding, it was yet another hurdle that Braylin would overcome. With a combination of exercises, hard work, and help from her figure skating coach, Braylin has thrived on the ice! Today, she wants to encourage others with juvenile arthritis, and she hopes her journey and perseverance will inspire them to pursue their dreams, too. It’s amazing what a child can achieve. 

This is Giovanna’s Story  

Giovanna is a big fan of dolls. In fact, she started making and selling her own handmade bracelets to buy a doll she really wanted. So, when she heard that there are underprivileged kids who don't have dolls of their own, she wanted to do something about it. With the help of her mom, Giovanna contacted local shelters and started making new bracelets to raise enough money to purchase dolls as gifts. Sure enough, Giovanna reached her goal, and she was able to donate the dolls to kids within her community. But the best part for Giovanna? Making others feel as happy as she did when she got her doll. It's amazing what a child can achieve.  

This is Sloane’s Story  

At just 7 years old, Sloane already understands what it means to give back to her community. She created care packages for a local children’s hospital to support parents with children in the ICU. The packages included snacks, socks, toiletries, and extra change for hospital vending machines. Even today, Sloane continues to spread kindness in her neighborhood by making handmade watercolor cards and gardening kits that she hand-delivers to each senior citizen at an assisted living center. It’s amazing what a child can achieve.

This is Lorelai’s Story  

Lorelai believes all kids deserve the opportunity to play sports, so she does everything she can to make those with limb differences feel welcome. She is part of a local sports camp that specializes in helping limb-different children play sports. Lorelai spreads awareness at her school and raises money that she donates to the camp, which is used to pay for scholarships so that more kids can attend. But Lorelai’s actions don’t stop there. Whenever she meets another child with a limb difference, she is proud to talk about her “special foot” because of how unique it makes her. She encourages them to join the camp and to celebrate what makes them special. It’s amazing what a child can achieve.  

This is Berkleigh’s Story    

When Berkleigh learned that there were no food banks in her hometown, she got the idea of building a roadside food pantry with her dad to help fight food insecurity in her community. Once finished, she and her family began stocking the pantry with canned goods, fresh produce from their garden, and essential household items. They also put up a sign that said, "Take What You Need & Leave What You Can." Then something wonderful happened. Berkleigh had inspired others to donate every month, and she's even noticed more pantries popping up in her community and nearby towns. What started as a small idea has grown into something so much more. It's amazing what a child can achieve. 

This is Aubrey’s Story 

When Aubrey learned that a few of her friends had to use a local child safety center to see their families, she and her Girl Scout troop wanted to help. Hosting a Girl Scout birthday party, they used a portion of their funds to collect cooking supplies and put together birthday goodie bags that included cake mixes, party hats, cards, candles, cake pans, and more to donate to the center. They also held a cookie fundraiser to purchase extra supplies and made sure that as many families as possible could enjoy a special celebration during their visit. It’s amazing what a child can achieve.   

This is Kynzie’s Story  

At just 10 years old, Kynzie is already making an impact in her community. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she delivered masks for kids to the local daycare, helped create goodie bags for firefighters and nurses, and packed food baskets for families affected by the school shutdowns. Kynzie also participated in a local adoption event for an animal rescue, volunteered at a wildlife rehab, and helped raise money for underprivileged kids through book fairs at her school and acting jobs. It’s amazing what a child can achiev

This is Madaline’s Story   

Confidence and positivity play a key part in everything Maddy loves to do. She served her community by volunteering in annual toy drives, participating in reading groups with local schools, building Christmas care packages for breast cancer patients, and so much more. She knows just how important self-confidence and participation can be. That's why Maddy made it her mission to share that with others, specifically those from marginalized communities. She created and helped run confidence-building workshops and invited 10 young girls to join in community service projects to improve their self-esteem and navigate their anxieties. Today, Maddy has completed over 1,000 hours of community service and received awards for her impactful contributions. It's amazing what a child can achieve. 

This is Millicent’s Story   

Millicent loves all animals! She believes that the best way to help them is by supporting conservation efforts and educating others on the importance of animal life. Millicent looks forward to volunteering at nature centers and zoos in her community. She’s attended horse camps that raised funds for several horse rescues nearby, adopted her pup, Mazie, from a local animal shelter, made insect homes, and helped plant native plants to support wildlife. Millicent hopes to become a veterinarian when she grows up to continue protecting and caring for animals. It’s amazing what a child can achieve.  

This is Aneesa’s Story  

After learning that her older brother was diagnosed with autism, Aneesa has made it her mission to help other children with special needs in her community. Over the last 3 years, Aneesa has raised money to donate to a non-profit organization by participating in bake sales, designing T-shirts and hats, and even rallying her friends to join the cause. She also volunteers in her school’s infants and toddlers program to help kids in the classroom. Aneesa aspires to be an autistic support teacher so she can continue helping children when she grows up. It’s amazing what a child can achieve. 

This is Cora’s Story  

Cora is passionate about leading by example, which inspired her to join the Girl Scouts. Several times a year, Cora and her troop deliver handmade treats and cards to nursing homes, donate food to shelters, and at Christmastime, she helps the local police load up toys and trees to gift to less fortunate kids. Cora has also learned first aid and how to preserve the environment. She’s planted trees and flowers at local parks, donated funds from cookie sales to help with reforestation, and volunteered in highway cleanups. It’s amazing what a child can achieve.  

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