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Deliver your doll's favorite party food with the Our Generation Order's Up pizza set! Put in a call to the nearest pizzeria and order a delicious pizza pie for your next slumber party, movie night, or to fill up your bestie's hungry tummy. Choose your toppings from the menu options and prepare the order for delivery – you can play as customer and vendor! Pack up the pizza in the pizza box and place it inside the delivery bag so your dolls can carry it to their destination. Ring! Ring! Pizza's here! Use the payment terminal accessory to make realistic transactions. Then open up the pizza box and hand out the 6 removable slices to each of your friends when it's time to feast. Don't forget the French fries! They easily fit in the brown paper bag with the juice bottle to give your dolls a refreshing drink and yummy combo. Parties are extra fun when pizza is on the menu! (Dolls sold separately)


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