Let's Haer It For The Curl

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You’ll be rolling in ringlets with the Let’s Hear It for the Curl Hair Styling Accessory Set for 18-inch dolls! Treat your dolls to a brand-new look with a wavy or curly hairstyle that won’t harm your doll’s hair. First, set up your doll in the salon cape to keep her outfit clean and dry. Next, use the fine-mist spray bottle to gently dampen a section of your doll’s hair with water. Gently brush the hair section, set in with the twisty curler, and secure it with a bobby pin. Let it air dry and voila – beautiful temporary curls or waves! Your 18-inch dolls will love the chance to have a totally different style. Use the set to refresh curls for dolls who already have curly hair, too! (Dolls sold separately)


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