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Veilige Batlingen. Belasting inbegrepen. Verzending kosten berekend bij het afrekenen.

It’s time to introduce your friends to the famous Our Generation 46cm Actress doll – Rafaella! This movie superstar is looking to add fun and excitement in her next leading role, and she’s looking at your imagination! This movie superstar has hazel eyes and beautiful blonde hair styled in a topknot, but you can get creative and change her hairstyle for lots of fun and exciting looks! Rafaella loves acting as different characters and bringing ideas to life. She just won the Best Actress award and is looking for a friend to celebrate the big event! Rafaella is wearing a dark dress that is both fun and sophisticated, and has shimmering white pearls for a touch of glamour. Movie stars are famous for being entertainers, and Rafaella is the perfect doll to play the part!


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